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Porno Vampires making love on the wild side.

Vampire Lestat Porno Vampire Dating is a Fantasy and Horror Fan dating site created by
 hard rock musicians LW LionStar Marshal of the Supernatural Rock psychedelic phantasm recording unit Supernatural Gears
 I'm a huge fan of Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror films especially the Anne Rice de Lioncourt Vampire Novels.
 The Movie Interview with a Vampire is one of the most stunning vampire movies ever made.
As a fan of Vampire films I've watched it over 100 times, and as you might have guessed
 also fans of The Vampire Diaries and the Vampire series True Blood.
True Blood is truly an original concept on the Vampire saga.
Playing and recording in a Sci Fi action band called Supernatural Gears on the independent label CyberMod Going Rogue Records
and as a professional musician and independent filmmaker I've & gone on expeditions in search of the supernatural and strange.
Currently seeking an adventure searching for the Mothman creature in West Virginia  who once landed on the steel roof of my house
 and began pounding.  True story. It happened.
In possession of the most elaborate ghost hunting gear known on the planet. I've got Infrared devices and things not known to search the Supernatural out.
Am a member of the ancient "Order Of The Bloodmoon Clan Music Guild." With so much music and entertainment as a corporate commodity
 and the world becoming more bland as we're being told what to wear,  what music to listen to, what's hip, what is real and what is not real
 by the mainstream media it's hard to find someone who lives and thinks outside this cultural media controlled box. That's why I write some of strangest rock music around. To break free.

There is a need for this matchmaking site than many other alternative singles sites on the internet.
Working as a Paranormal Cinematographer and Sci Fi action rock guitarist talking to many alternative lifestyle signals there is one thing in common.
Truly Alt hard rock music loving lifestyle signals are having a hard time finding someone special.

Hope you enjoy your time here at 
Please send any suggestions to make this site the best ADULT alternative site it can be for those who are not in the mainstream and hard rock music.
When dating online, posting a photo will greatly increase your chance of meeting that alternative someone special.
Push the paranormal rock lever of love and have a hard rockin night with other cool rockers by joining up. Sign up now.
It will cost nothing to look around the site for someone special and there"s plenty to gain if you find a person who matches your lifestyle and way of thinking.
And you might even fall in love. HAVE FUN......LionStar Marshal Guitarist for The SUPERNATURAL GEARS
Vampire Dating

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